The secret success of our projects

Our proof that we really create value? The trust we gain from our clients and colleagues! That’s what inspires us to start with passion each and every project; but there is something more: enthusiasm and our constant desire to grow and be better. These have become our natural state; our super-power!

So we choose the people behind our software or services. We are the source for the innovation we bring in digital, together we enjoy every moment of our journey and we know the most complicated thing is to… Keep it Simple!

Best projects in Open Banking

The power of Omnichannel


Did anybody say Open Banking? The hottest challenges on the market right now are driven by the Fintech universe and the Open Banking sphere.

Yes, you need it, we got this covered for you.

UK Open Banking or NextGenPSD2 Berlin Group compliant solutions, we have a solid experience and track record on both. It’s not just powerpoint, it’s real and we can demonstrate that for you.

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As Consumers, in relationship with banks or other service provider, we all expect seamless and continuous journeys between all the digital and non-digital touch-points.

As owners of the Digital Transformation Programs, we strive to launch new products and services quickly across all channels.

At the end of the day, it’s the success of the Omnichannel Program and the associated technical and business governance that can bring the momentum and deliver the constant results to meet both the customer needs and achieve the objective.

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At IT Smart Systems we emphasise a good communication and structured teamwork! Our teams always ensure to deliver:

Dress to impress

Dress to impress

Everything starts from pen & paper, chalk & chalkboard. Through iterations we make sure your project has the easiest, freshest and intuitive design in play.

Not just a pretty face

Not just a pretty face

Now don’t let the looks fool you, because on the backend we offer rock solid solutions, functionalities making our products a heavy weightlifter.

Never forget

Never abandoned

Once the job is said and done, we are not going to just turn our back on you. Top notch 5 stars support is available for you.

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